Rekindling The Passion By Allie Braswell

Rekindling The Passion Cover Art - Allie L. Braswell, Jr.



When you realize why you were born and what you are supposed be doing, that is the precise moment when passion comes alive. When passion awakens, you suddenly have the ability to see challenges with brand new eyes. As you look at yourself during your significant and incredible times it is important to ask yourself, what can I do with my life? In a world, where passion is almost extinct, Allie L. Braswell has created a book that will develop your personal greatness and fuel the secret ingredient that will bring fulfillment to your career and your personal life.

In Rekindling the Passion, Allie L. Braswell, takes you on an introspective voyage of self-reflection and empowerment. He will help you define what is important, and determine what resonates within you that will drive you to develop a life of passion. Rekindling the Passion will prove that you were not born to work for a living but to live your making, and living your making will earn your living. Each chapter will strategically guide you through an insightful journey that will allow you to discover the passion within you. His methods will transform your thinking to get out of your head and step into your greatness! Braswell provides proven methods that will help you create your greatest life. Get ready to learn how to face crisis, develop family and spiritual satisfaction on your road to greatness and a passionate life that matters.

Les Brown
Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach & Best Selling Author