Rekindling The Passion

by Allie L. Braswell, Jr.

Allie Braswell is the President and CEO of the Central Florida Urban League (CFUL). He has led the CFUL since February 2010. Allie is a passionate and engaged community leader.

He is a member of the National Urban League’s Housing Taskforce and Jobs Taskforce. He remains active in the local community through his membership on several local advisory boards, including Wells Fargo Community Advisory Board, Executive Advisory Board and most recently, the Pine Hills Neighborhood Improvement District.

Allie is also a recent graduate of the Orange County Bar Association’s Inaugural Leadership Law class and Orange County Public Schools’ Leadership Orange. Allie is also a proud member of the General Daniel “Chappie” James Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. in recognition of his commitment and service to the Central Florida community.

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Rekindling The Passion - Allie L. Braswell, Jr.

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